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rose Dégradé

Our Sessions

I work with individuals or groups,

seated and/or standing. 

I can give sessions in French or English, depending on your needs.

Femme, apprécier, tasse, café

Individual session

femme enfant adolescent collectif brunstatt didenheim 68 haut-rhin alsace

Collective course

la cohérence cardiaque pour retrouver l'équilibre

Cardiac Coherence

Adults :

1H - 60 euros

Accepted paiements :

cash, chèque or transfer.


Pack 5 sessions "stress management"

or "exam preparation"

275 euros

Children up to 14 : 

45 Min 45 euros 

In average count 3 to 5 sessions.

Accepted paiements :

cash, chèque or transfer.

Together we'll talk about your reasons to come and see me, I'll give you some very practical tools to help you manage your stress, worries, anxiety, and a recording so you can practice at home. 

Don't hesitate to contact me for details of existing sophrology groups.

If you would like to set up a workshop in your company, school or association, it's possible.

We'll work together to design a workshop tailored to your particular needs: stress management, improve your sleep, cardiac coherence, concentration, managing unpleasant emotions....

We can create a groupe from 4 persons

1H - 60 euros

Accepted paiements :

cash, chèque or transfer.

Accepted paiements :

cash, chèque or transfer.

Would you like to be introduced to a simple practice that's easy to set up, can be used anywhere and gives you immediate relief and relaxation?

I'd like to introduce you to the CC breathing method, which in just 5 minutes will enable you to restore balance to your body, refocus your mind and body and feel more relaxed.

At least 2 sessions are necessary to implement this practice.

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