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rose Dégradé

Your Sophrologist

rose Dégradé
rose Dégradé

My name is Lucile Neale


Woman, mother, French, English by adoption, My objective : help you manage your stress and rediscover your full potential


My professional career began 15 years ago in London, in human resources. 


For many years I suffered the consequences of my stress, in particular a growing eczema that spread from my hands to sometimes to my whole body. It was after a period of leave that I decided to take a look back at my career. I stopped working and my eczema had disappeared, so I decided to listen to what my body was telling me and to retrain. 

My wish in this retraining was to find a job in which I could fulfil my potential by providing real support to the people I come into contact with, and which was in line with the values I hold dear, such as respect, trust and love.


Sophrology was an obvious choice. I'd already been able to use it for my own stress management, and I'd always been looking for more inner calm, to soothe my racing mind. Thanks to sophrology, my mind is calmer than it's ever been, I'm more aware of my body and my greatest success is my eczema, which is now virtually non-existent. 

I trained at the Académie de Sophrologie de Paris, the school run by Dr Chené, who was himself trained by the teacher and creator of the method. I obtained RNCP certification, proof of the seriousness of the teaching I received.

I also specialised in the practice of Cardiac Coherence.

I now specialise in stress prevention and management, to give the people I work with tools they can apply in their daily lives to help them live better. 


My aim is to create a quality relationship with you, an alliance based on respect and non-judgement, so that you can find solutions to your stress and acquire simple tools to apply in your daily life. You'll have the keys to feeling calmer and more optimistic.


I'm happy to accompany you in my practice in Brunstatt-Didenheim, by videoconference or at your home.

Sessions can be conducted in French or English, depending on which language you are more comfortable in . 


Don't hesitate to get in touch for a discovery call if you have any further questions. (contact)

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