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Prepare for a stressful event

rose Dégradé

Sophrology to prepare your exam, licence, interview

  • You're getting ready to take an exam, driving test, competition or interview

  • As the event approaches, you feel like you're losing your nerve: you forget everything you know, you can't concentrate any more, 

  • Your heart rate increases, you sweat a lot and you blush,


We talk together about why we meet, and I'll give you practical tools to help you achieve your goal.

I use sophrology and cardiac coherence in your preparation. You'll have :

  • Dynamics exercices to manage your stress before and after to release tension

  • Breathing to keep your mind calm and focused

  • Visualisation to train your brain to see everything that could go well, and also to prepare as well as possible for your exam, driving licence or interview....


Sitting or standing, to the sound of my voice, you'll reach a level of alertness somewhere between wakefulness and sleep. Each session consists of a discussion, a recorded practice session, followed by a review of your experience. You go home with a recording so you can practise and prepare. Ideally, complete preparation requires 4 to 5 sessions to acquire the necessary management tools.


My aim is to give you all the tools you need to arrive at the event ready and focused.

Prices :

Adults : 1H - 60 euros

Student and unemployed : 1H - 50 euros

Pack 5 sessions "exam préparation " : 275 euros

Children up to 14 years old : 45 Min - 45 euros 

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