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Why practice Sophrology ?

Why practice cardiac coherence  ? 

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Why practice Sophrology ?

I specialise in stress management with : 
Adults who feel overwhelmed by their stress, and who would like support in finding very practical tools to manage their day-to-day stress, calm their minds, regain control of their thoughts and feel more in control.

* Children and teenagers who want to find ways to manage certain emotions, or prepare for stressful deadlines (exams, driving tests, etc.).

In Simple terms, I will help you to : 

  • Better manage your anxiety and stress,

  • Solve sleep problems, learn to sleep better,

  • Recover or develop your ability to concentrate, 

  • Reconnect with your breathing, and Feel good in your body,

  • Prepare for an exam, a competition or a worrying operation, 

  • Develop your optimism,

"The aim of sophrologie's techniques is to strengthen the ability of Human-beings to live their lives in harmony with themselves, and with the universe."

Pr. Alfonso Caycedo

Creator of Sophrology

Homme debout mains au ciel, posture ouverture,

What is Sophrology 

Sophrology is an alternative medical technique created by Professor Alfonso Caycedo, a psychiatrist, in the 1960s in Spain.  


It's a complete, rigorous and structured method that combines the benefits of breathing, grounding through the body and positive visualisation. It will help to calm the mind, so that you can be more present in yourself and your environment. It's a treasure for anyone who sometimes feels overwhelmed, and wants to learn how to manage stress more effectively, and rediscover true meaning in their lives. It will give you a feeling of having power over your 


Over the course of our sessions and your training, you will rediscover a sense of calm and a relaxing presence within yourself. Sitting or standing, with the help of my voice, you will reach a level of awareness somewhere between wakefulness and sleep, in which you leave more room for your body and the possibility for your mind to take a break, and become more aware of the positive aspects of your life. 

Tou will soon find a calming and relaxing presence within yourself.


As the sessions progress, you'll become autonomous in your practice, and leave with your own well-being toolbox, which you will be able to use all your life.

Cohérence cardiaque

Cardiac / Heart Coherence

It's a simple breathing practice that's easy to set up and practise independently. It. was created by David O'Hare.


It allows you to control/regulate your breathing and heart rate. It gives a very impressive results, for example in stress management by following the 3 6 5 rule : 

3 times a day,

6 breathing permute, in a confortable position,

5 minutes of practice,

Practice will lead you to benefits for your physical and mental health : reduction in high blood pressure, reduction of stress level, improved digestion, better sleep, emotional balance... You can find information in English here.


It's an valuable, powerful and a tool always available in your daily life, both preventive and curative, which will enable you to live and approach everyday situations with greater serenity.

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