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rose Dégradé

Sophrology for your child & his emotions

  • Your child is having problems at school, with behaviour and concentration in class,

  • Their emotions overwhelm them and they don't know how to manage them, which has an impact on family life

  • Your child seems anxious and over-emotional, and you find it difficult to support them.

  • It's harder for them to fall asleep, or they're woken up by nightmares,


Together, we will discuss the reasons why you and your child are coming, and define the objective of the sessions. 

Sessions are held seated or standing, with the sound of my voice. I use :

 - Dynamic and breathing sophrology techniques to help your child regulate his or her crises and better manage his or her day-to-day life both at school and at home.

- Practical stories and games that are easy to incorporate into everyday life.

Your child will learn techniques that will help them to regulate their emotions,  and overcome problems at school. 


Each session consists of a discussion, recorded practice, a story and then a reflection on the experience through drawing. 


Children up to 14 years old :

1st sessions up to 60 minutes then 45 Min : 45 euros. 

In general you need to count 4 to 5 sessions to get to the objective. 

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