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Practical solutions to manage your stress and your emotions

Welcome to the website of Lucile Neale, sophrologist and cardiac coherence practitioner near Mulhouse.


You are here because stress, anxiety or strong emotions have an impact on your daily life or your loved ones.


Whether you're a woman struggling with daily stress, an adult or teenager preparing for a stressful event, or a child struggling with overwhelming emotions, you'll find attentive, personalised help here.


I'll give you practical, effective tools for dealing with your difficulties: managing your mental workload, overcoming moments of crisis, and getting your life into balance.


Together, we'll work to: ease your physical tensions, improve the quality of your sleep, and develop strategies for better managing your concentration and emotions.


Your well-being and your ability to manage emotional challenges are at the heart of my approach. Discover how you can regain control and transform your daily life, one step at a time.


My areas of specialties

Femme stressée, inquiète, charge mentale

Stress Management

Rediscover your serenity in the light of daily stress.

Personalised techniques to reduce stress, ease bodily tension and improve your sleep.

bien préparer un entretien, son permis, un examen avec la sophrologie

Préparation for stressful events

Turn anxiety into confidence.

Prepare effectively for your exams, competitions or interviews. Learn to control your stress and project yourself positively into the future, with practical anxiety management tools.

enfant concentré en classe, gestion émotion de l'enfant avec la sophrologie

Emotions management

Helping children to understand and manage their emotions. Playful, appropriate methods to help them deal with anger, sadness and frustration. To help them achieve greater emotional well-being and concentration.

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